Get cash immediately
after you invoice

Our solution

quick payments

You can receive funds in less than 5 minutes!


Thanks to a combination of insurance and sophisticated risk assessment, we can guarantee the repayment of receivables.

We help where banks let you down

No minimum amount of invoices.

How it works?



Then you send us your invoice along with supportive documents.



We check the invoice and the contractor’s risk profile

We confirm receiving your invoice



Receive money

In less than 5 minutes, you may receive up to 80% of the invoice.


Easier than ever before

Thanks to our experiences in finance and transporation, we know exactly what truckers need the most.

All the communication is digital, you only have to communicate with your contractors via post. Thanks to access to the Client profile, you can follow the status of your invoices in real time. We send you regular reminders.



  • How does it all work?

    Only electronically. You send us both the contract and the invoices for financing by email or 4trans platform. You only send the original invoices, including the supporting documents, by post to the customer, if the conditions of transport include it.

  • How fast do I get money?

    It can be as fast as 5 minutes. Depending to the conditions of your bank, payments are credited to you no later than the second day after their acceptance by our company.

  • What do I sign up for?

    We have no requirements for number of invoices, volume to be financed, or minimum turnover of our company. It is up to you when you start, which invoices you send us and when you end the cooperation.

  • What kind of invoices can I send you?

    The minimum value of invoices is. 80 EUR. The maximum maturity of invoices is 90 days.

  • What happens when my contractors don’t pay me?

    In the event that the contractor does not pay on the due date, or within 34 days after the due date, we can return the invoice to you. However, you do not return any funds to us. We handle the collection of the returned invoice either by credit or in cooperation with our insurance company if the customer is insured.

  • Who is the service mainly for?

    For all active companies doing business in road transport. We are also open to start-up companies, helping us to grow and overcome long invoice maturities.

4Trans in numbers:


regularly checked contractors

140 mil.

value of financed invoices (EUR)


number of financed invoices


Client zone

You gain access to your portfolio in real time. You see what invoices you have with us, you access the payment discipline of contractors and much, much more.